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Repair of professional coffee machines for coffee shops and offices
Automatic and manual coffee machines for the home
We carry out three main types of repair work.
Choose the right one.
Complex service
We inform you in a timely manner about the need to carry out scheduled preventive maintenance of coffee equipment so that it works correctly and for as long as possible.
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Warranty repair
Repair of equipment purchased in the network of specialized stores Dom Kofe and other official representatives, and replacement of spare parts, we perform free of charge during the warranty period.
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Repair after warranty
We will set up coffee machines that you purchased in the Dom Kofe network or other stores and have an expired warranty period
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We repair coffee machines of all brands
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Feedback from our clients
Excellent and highly professional professionals. Despite the fact that the working time was over, they helped to solve the problem with the coffee maker quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much)
We repair the coffee maker and preventive maintenance once a year. Service without complaints. Everything is great. Corporate service. spare parts were always available. it is not scary to leave your device, because the cost is not small.
Professionally repair coffee machines, very convenient. some malfunctions can be eliminated almost immediately, for more complex ones, you can leave the machine for repair
Why is it worth to cooperate with us?
Our engineers are certified specialists from Delonghi, Kenwood, Braun, Nivona, Saeco. We regularly improve our skills.
If the damage is easy to fix, we will help you do it yourself. If it turns out that the repair will cost more than a new coffee machine, we will honestly tell you about it and help you choose a new one.
We pick up coffee machines for repairs and deliver them to you.
Original spare parts
We work directly with world brands and have our own warehouse of original spare parts, which speeds up the repair time.
Service Plus
If necessary, for the period of repair or maintenance, we temporarily install our coffee equipment. So your business will not be idle and you will not lose money.
Dom Kofe is an authorized service center for De`longhi, Kenwood, Braun, Nivona, Saeco. Since 2014, we have been providing professional repair and maintenance of coffee equipment from the world's leading manufacturers Saeco, Gaggia, De'Longhi, Elektra, Schaerer, Spidem, Carimali, Macap, Mazzer, Podstar, Dalla Corte, Bravilor Bonamat, Mahlkonig, Eugster Frismag, Jura, Bosch, DeLonghi, Krups, Rowenta, Braun, Ariete, Siemens, Miele and others.
What are the stages of the repair?
Fill out an application for inspection / repair
Cost calculation
We call back and advise or set the terms of repair
During the repair we bring you a temporary replacement for your coffee machine
Reception of work
We bring to consciousness and return your renewed baby
The most important questions and answers to them
What to do if the coffee machine breaks down during the lockdown?
The upcoming lockdown is no reason to leave your coffee maker unattended, and we are always ready to help with this.⠀
The best way to take care of your coffee equipment is to call a service engineer to your home or office.
Moreover, for your convenience, we have made a special price for the service “Call the master home”. Our specialists are tested not only for the level of knowledge of coffee equipment, but also for COVID - so you don’t have to worry.
How often should the coffee machine be serviced?
The frequency depends on the amount of coffee prepared per day and the quality of the water that you pour into the coffee machine (meaning its hardness).
The maximum recommended service period is 1 time per year.⠀
If the average number of cooked servings per day exceeds 40-50 servings, it is advisable to increase the frequency of maintenance to 2-3 times a year.
If you use spring or too hard water, it is advisable to descale at least once every two months.
It is advisable to rinse the brewing unit in an automatic coffee machine with running cold water at least once a month.
Almost all automatic coffee machines and some manual coffee machines report the need for descaling. But for this function to work correctly, you need to correctly configure the water hardness parameters in the coffee machine settings menu (how exactly to do this is described in the operating instructions). Most often, these are 4 levels of hardness (1 - minimum and 4 - maximum).
"Service Maintenance" - what is it and why?
What is the "service maintenance" service in our service center? This is a set of preventive work for the quality work of the coffee maker. Namely: cleaning from scale and coffee fat, cleaning and lubricating the brewing unit, cleaning the milk system, quality control of the preparation of the drink and general cleaning of the equipment. What is it for? In the first place, scale deposits impede the passage of water for making coffee and affect the temperature of the drink. In other words, the coffee is poured very slowly or may be cold. Coffee fat distorts the taste of coffee, adds a touch of bitterness or charm.
⠀ Now about how to grind coffee. If the coffee is coarsely ground, the drink does not have time to brew and will be watery, if it is too fine, it will slowly pour (drip) and there will be a burnt taste. In automatic coffee makers, the cleanliness and lubrication of the brew unit is important for its smooth operation and to reduce wear on parts. A NOT serviced brew unit can cause coffee that is not rich. Also, due to the lack of lubrication, a creak appears, which is a consequence of the increased load on the nodes, which is why the coffee maker can often throw dry ground coffee into the hopper. General cleaning includes not only the external washing of the coffee machine, all bins and trays, but also the cleaning of drainage channels, the removal of mold and foreign unpleasant odors (and this happens). The volume of general cleaning is determined by the service engineer himself. If cleaning of the milk system (auto cappuccinatore or milk carafe) is needed, additional efforts are required to eliminate complex contaminants associated with disassembling the coffee maker or using more detergents - this will be agreed with you in advance.
How long does the repair take?
It depends on the type of equipment, from 1 to 5 days.

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